The Lovers as feelings for someone.

Keywords : Love, sharing, gift, soulmates, intimate

The Heart of Stars Tarot deck


As feelings, The Lovers expresses love, intimacy, connection and sharing. There is a  feeling of deep intimacy going on and the person feels much chemistry towards the other. The person feels attraction towards the other.

The person feels a deep kinship, there is a deep “Soul” connection with the other person. When this card comes up as feelings, it often expresses a choice that needs to be made, the person needs to reflect on and integrate that unique experience, what it really means and how it can fit into his/her life. Adjustements, changes will have to be made to give more room for this magical experience to endure.

In this relationship, exchanges feels really natural and there is a deep attraction that goes beyond the physical. The connection is of a spiritual nature. The depth of that relationship make them question what true intimacy is, and they may wonder about what to do next.


Reversed, The Lovers expresses feelings of emotional distance. The initial attraction may no longer be there, or there may be a gap too hard to bridge. The Lovers Rx designate unrequited love, such as found in long distance relationships where the lovers can’t resume their initial story.

The Lover rx, means the person feels blocked by something that may or may not be totally clear in their mind. There might have been initial attraction and chemistry, but something prevents them from further pursuing that relationships.

It points to a fear within the person, that may or may not be justified. Whatever it is, they may feel that going into this relationship may be for the wrong reasons.


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