The High Priestess as feelings for someone

Keywords : spirituality, intuition, protection, listening, inner self.


The Morgan Greer Tarot Deck


As feelings, The High Priestess is someone whose feelings are kept hidden and secret. She may see a great deal about the situation or the relationship but would rather keep things to herself and let the situation unfolds according to what she already knows to be true.

She is patient, and can wait for the right oportunity to express herself or her feelings. The High Priestess as feelings means the person trusts his/her own intuition about the relationships, and is more an observant at the moment than someone active in the relationship.

The High Priestess feelings are wise, deep and spiritual, there is a “psychic” connection with the other person. The High Priestess is very sensitive to this “psychic” connection with the other person and also feels she needs to protect herself from this psychic link.


Reversed, The High Priestess feelings are deeply hidden and repressed. The person doesn’t trust his/her own intuition about their feelings. There is a “psychic” connection with the other person but where one is only absorbing “negative” emotions from the other and it causes them to hide and bury themselves deeper in their own world.

Reversed, The High Priestess means there is feelings of fear and uncertainty, one is feeling stuck between trusting his/her deep intuition and the many different scenarios playing in his/her mind.

The High Priestess reversed is overly protective of her feelings due to the “psychic” connective nature of the relationship.





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