I only read the Present Moment.



I only read the Present Moment.

I don’t read  future events or future circumstances…

Wait… for a professional Tarot reader, well that kind of sucks, it’s like asking if a fisherman has fishes to sell,  and he tells you he only sells water by the river. More, it can be seen as an ever bigger cop out for an already  controversial discipline such as Tarot where one asks  “Can you tell me  if I will get fired from my job next month ?” and the reader answers : ” No man, I only read the Present  Moment.  Power of Now Bro! Just breathe. Chill out dude. “

OK..let’s explore in this blog post what I really mean by : “I only read the Present moment.”

When I do a reading for myself or a client, I only bring clarity in a situation that is happening right here, right now. What I attempt to do is to bring more flow in the person’s situation whether it is in the area of relationships, career or life in general based on their present emotional state. What I often say is : ” I don’t reveal anything one doesn’t already know.”

So why use Tarot or any other divination tools if it is to reveal what one already knows ?

Well,  the answer is simple : Because we hide the truth from ourselves.  We layer what we already know to be true about our current situation or ourselves with layers of beliefs and projections. For example, we want to believe an ex partner has changed and will come back or that our boss has the best of intention for us and will give us that promised raise or promotion when we deeply  know inside that there is a level of manipulation and deception involved from them that is deeply affecting and leaving us insecure. Someone may be lying straight to our face, and yet we are willing to accept it when we deeply know they are lying due to our fear to confront that painful truth and what it may mean for us and our current reality…namely loss, separation, confrontation etc…but most importantly : Pain.

Working with the Tarot I don’t reveal anything one deeply doesn’t already know, and that’s the main element of surprise in a Tarot reading for a person, not the “predictive element of : ” Oh this and that event came true!” but more something like : ” This is is exactly what is going on right now…and only I know about this…how could this be?” 

The Tarot as a tool can be used to reveal emotional patterns more clearly. For me, it doesn’t reveal circumstances, future events or happenings. I believe no one can truly predict those things…

To me, all the Tarot or any divination tools for the matter  “predicts” are emotional states, like feeling deceived or  disappointed or powerless or hopeful, joyful, excited. It is those “emotional states” that the reader sees in a card, or through a symbol and then translate into a “likely event” to take place. A feeling of deception and constant disappointment from a partner can be translated as a separation or a divorce, a feeling of  freedom and evasion mixed with a feeling of energy and movement is translated as a trip abroad, a feeling of learning and expanding and feeling a positive self-esteem can be translated as passing an exam or getting a promotion etc…It’s “feeling-based” states that are translated into events and circumstances that are likely to occur and not the other way around; “events”  are not seen “per say” , emotions, feelings are.

The client may then be so surprised that an event was accurately predicted, but what they fail to see is that it’s not the event that was seen accurately it was what “Law of Attraction” teacher Abraham Hicks calls their “emotional set point” which is their peak or dominant emotion that attracted the corresponding circumstance!

When all the circumstances, and “future events” are seen within the paradigm of  this” Present moment”, that sees that it is emotional states that attracted or attached situations to them, then it is when a Tarot reading becomes “empowering” as opposed to “disempowering.”

Why? Because we can always have control of our emotions! We can always decide what we choose to feel about this or that situation and adjust our emotions and therefore what we attract in our existence. It’s all that is happening within a “predictive” reading, you or someone else felt a certain way in a  given moment, and a situation attached itself to it. Simple. The message I like to bring to a reading is : “You always  have the power now to change your point of attraction.”

What the Tarot or any other divination tool can bring is clarity into the present moment and the obstacles that prevent us from foreseeing the patterns more clearly. It helps removes obstacles of beliefs, fears that we have created and prevent us from living the ” Present Moment.”

Are there tools other than Tarot that brings clarity into those hidden emotional states?  Sure there are plenty of tools out there, Tarot is only a tool, else meditate, open your third eye chakra,  look into the clouds or leaves on the ground instead… I don’t know…or simply find a good therapist, whatever works for you that makes you more aligned, see situation more clearly, helps you be more independent and empowered and helps you remove the obstacles that prevents you from living more in the flow, in the moment.

If you ask me, How is it that the Tarot can read and connect into emotional states? To this I can only say : ” I don’t know.”  The only thing I know is I tested it, and it works for me…so again how? Maybe because our unconscious self links symbols to emotions, or that there is a Higher-self that speaks through us and guides us? or simply, just simply and I like simple answers…. maybe it is simply  because we’re all connected? All One>




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